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Hoop’s Truth: A Novella paints a series of contemporary portraits of the people in Hoop’s life. She portrays a medley of characters who journey through the worlds of basketball, promiscuity, depression, and love, facing a variety of difficulties from both internal and external sources. After each short tale, Hoop offers her own commentary—astute observations filled with commonsense wisdom and lessons to be learned.

“Don’t let them folks railroad ya into

working late every night.”

“You aint got to tell me!

I can read you like a book.”

"oh yeah… keep her away from my child. She fast.”

"And Mother Used to Say..Words to Live By that ain't never lied": is a clever, humorous conversational book filled with a compilation of the dialect and culture of mothers from the DMV, an acronym for the D.C; Maryland and Virginia area.

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Aaaaaaaah Refreshing !!!!!! "This is a CAN'T PUT DOWN BOOK!" You are there with the characters.

You are actually feeling their emotions " Hoop's Truth," A Novella- can't wait for the movie!!!


American Actress : “Friday After Next,” “Space Jam,” Another Period Harriet Tubman, Martin Jam, Good Times.

- BeBe Drake 

What a clever and witty way to merge the worlds of basketball and autism Funny and thoughtful.

You'll want more!

American Actor, “Bolden, “Good Girls, Mike & Molly, “Transformers,”The Cosby Show.

- Reno Wilson

"Hey Everyone! if you're looking for a gift for Mothers Day or even Black History Month, my friend Gloria "And Mother Used to say..." is nostalgic, thoughtful and hilarious ! It's a great conversation starter and will immediately remind you of someone who taught you these words to live by. My favorites: "See a man about a dog" "Fit to be tied,"People in hell want ice water." For translations, buy the book!


American Author, Writer, Film Director, Television Producer, best known for" The Proud Family,"" Jump In," The Wannabes," and"Playground Politix."

- Doreen Spicer Dannelly  

"This is one of the best reads ever!!!! Bringing back such great memories: "AND MOTHER USED TO  SAY" Gloria Lynn Howe. I can't put this book down.


Restaurater,  Chef : Vonda's Kitchen & Dukes Southern Table

- Vonda Mcpherson

"The book is so funny and so true. I have heard so much of these same things from my mom. You will go far with this book. We all need to be reminded about the good old days and learn from what our parents

used to teach."

Owner of Salon 804, Harlem, NY


"Thank you for responding to the urge to capture adages into a modern volume. The context of your book reminds me of the value of verbal communication....thank you for your literary contribution",


  - Patelle G. Harris, Baltimore, Maryland

I read many reviews about "And Mother Used to Say.....": Words to Live By that "Ain't never Lied" By Gloria Lynn Howe before purchasing it in order to gage whether or not it would be worth my time, and all praised "AndMother Used to Say.....": Words to Live By that "Ain't never Lied", declaring it one of the best , something that all readers will enjoy.

- Anonymous  Supporter

A Word from the author

"I'd like to thank Reverend Dr. Douglas E. Summers and the members of Providence Baptist Church in Baltimore, Maryland, for their endearing support and prayers. You are my home away from home.  The word is alive and well at Providence. You are a powerful source of service in the community".



Thank you ! 

A special thanks to Providence Members:

Deacon Denise Ruffin

*Sister Patelle Harris

Sister Elizabeth Craig

Sister Ruth Muldrow

Sister Barbara and Brother James Roberts

 Special thanks to :

City School District colleague, Kassandra Grant. You are such a talented and spirited person. And thanks to my new friend, Lisa Marino! I need you with me on my entire NY book tour! Lol. You are a go getter and lots of fun! Thank you.