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Those who know Gloria Lynn Howe know her work!

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

I posted this photo February 19, 2020 as I contemplated my next move.

Those who know Gloria Lynn Howe know her work.

In 2014, I published “And Mother Used to Say…Words to Live By that “Ain’t Never Lied” through Outskirts Press Publishing. I was referred to Outskirts by a friend who highly recommended them. I enjoyed my experience with Outskirts and had no complaints.

In 2016, Archway Publishing from Simon and Schuster contacted me by phone.

I had already written several short stories and considered writing a script for film and or television. Then life happened.

At times, wherever there is change there are vulnerabilities. I noticed that about every three months or so, someone from Archway would contact me via email or phone. In the beginning I felt special; but after a while, I felt pressured.

I felt like I had the upper hand because I didn’t have any extra money to give them in the first place. I googled and asked questions; but I didn’t see then what I am experiencing now.

In hindsight, I will do what I do best and use this as a learning experience, help others and move forward with a professional reprint of “Hoop’s Truth A Novella.”

I am thankful that despite Archway Publishing’s blatant display of poor editing and formatting, the integrity and message of my book was not lost. “Hoop’s Truth A Novellais not just a story about a young black teen diagnosed with aspergers syndrome, who plays basketball well, can recite basketball trivia off the top of her head and is the omniscient narrator of several vignettes; it is and will serve as a catalyst for a non-profit initiative.

Again, those who know Gloria Lynn Howe know her work. Looking beyond the intentional errors (why? read the comments below or the links provided).

It is unfortunate that there are predatory self-publishing companies that are aligned with those that deceive authors who are not seeking “Vanity Press” status as it’s called, by merely listing their books and names on Google, Amazon and Barnes and Noble; but who’ve worked hard and wish for their work to be associated with a noble- pun intended publisher, with high standards, quality and integrity.

I choose not to speak candidly as others affected by Archway Publishing from Simon and Schuster. However, I will share a few excerpts and photos from my manuscript as well as the editing and interior design request form in comparison to what has been printed.

I’ll also share and post articles, videos and links for the purpose of informing others and sharing this self-publishing teachable moment.

Thank you for your continued support. I

Authentically Faithful,

Gloria Lynn Howe

There is a shared article below. The comments and opinions below were not written by Author, Gloria Lynn Howe

I posted this photo on February 19, 2020 as I contemplated my next move.

  1. Helping new and aspiring authors navigate the publishing wilderness

Archway Publishing: Authors Beware

December 10, 2012 By Amanda Taylor 11 Comments

Archway Publishing, the new self- publishing arm of Simon and Schuster has gotten quite a reaction from the indie community already. Why? This self-publishing imprint was created by a partnership with the Evil Galactic Empire of Self - Publishing (Author Solutions) and run by the Empire. All S&S has on it is its name–they don’t have any other part in the whole deal. I will include some other great articles at the end for your reading pleasure ;).

It does make good sense for the Big 6–now 5–to understand self- publishing since it is changing publishing as we know it, but then it makes me ask this one question: What in the heck were they thinking? They are learning about self- publishing from the WORST possible source. So, in short, they still don’t get it. There are quite a few other people they could have asked how to do self-publishing the right way. In this scenario it makes as much sense as a young couple asking Charles Manson how to start a family.

Furthermore, S&S is not going to lend any of its editorial or design expertise to this new imprint (see articles). Instead all of that is going to be handled by Author Solutions. *headdesk* I have personally dealt with Author Solutions staff in editing and design, and it is a waste of time and money and the only payback is heartache and misery. S&S is trusting AS to handle all of this, and to make matters worse, S&S will send rejected authors to Archway. Insert Home Alone scream here. I view this scenario like this: People who don’t make the cheerleading team get sent to the camp coached by Ted Bundy. What are they thinking?

What does this mean for new authors? It means there is construction for a deadfall going on here for both self publishers and for authors seeking to be published traditionally. Since Author Solutions has entered into the hallowed halls where no self publishers has gone before and made itself a seat at the round table, it now has some very powerful bait to catch unsuspecting authors. They were good at this when they were on their own, but now they have silver spoon status. A robber dressed in fancy clothes is still a robber.

They have already been caught tooting the horn that they are affiliated with Penguin and using that as bait, so they will do the same here.

Note to author: You are not getting a contract with S&S. You are not going to be working with S&S editors or designers. If AS tells you that, they are lying to you. I knew that even before I read the first article and knew where this would probably head. They are very good at that (lying to authors)–I know this first hand without any big names being involved. That’s what makes this whole thing reek even worse. S&S may have their name on it but that’s it–it’s AS all the way, baby. It’s just another personality for Sybil nothing more.

So basically speaking this is like AS having S&S name on the bumper of their car. It’s still their car and it wasn’t made by the big name either. You can put a mustang body and emblem on a Honda and change nothing under the hood, and it’s still a Honda. That is basically what we have here.

Stay Away. There are more (and better!) alternatives out there.

Here are some other related articles about Archway. Check them out. If you have written an article about it and would like to share please do, and also feel free to leave comments!

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