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Master of Personification:Excerpt from:"Their Eyes Were Watching God," Zora Neale Hurston

"Where's dat blue satin dress she left here in?- Where all dat money her husband took and died and left her? - What dat ole forty year ole'- oman doin' wid her hair swingin' down her back lak some young gal?-Where she left dat young lad of a boy she went off here wid?-Thought she was going to marry? -Where he left her?- What he done wid all her money?- Betcha he off wid some gal so young she ain't even got no hairs- why don't she stay in her class?-" When she go to where they were she turned her face on the bander log and spoke. They scrambled a noisy "good evenin" and left their mouths setting open and their ears full of hope. Her speech was pleasant enough, but she kept walking straight on to her gate. The porch couldn't talk for looking.The men noticed her firm buttocks like she had grape fruits in her hip pockets; the great rope of black hair swinging to her waist and unraveling in the wind like a plume; then her pugnacious breasts trying to bore holes in her shirt..."

Rhythm, Love, Vulnerability Word Choice, Beats, Technique, Hyperbole, Black, Pain, Lust, Adjectives, Scorn, Southern, English, Roots, Vernacular

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