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Excerpt from "Hoop's Truth A Novella" -Not A Priority

Updated: Mar 4

From manuscript dated: 12/12/2019

“Omg! How could I have forgotten? James has a varsity game tonight. You’re going, right? Where is John? Oh he’s studying at the library with his nerdy friends and… damnit, I’ve got to take Jasmine to ballet in a half hour. You were saying,” Jillian asked?

“Nevermind Jillian you’re not listening,” Bradley said.

“I am listening,” Jillian shouted!

The words never and mind are seperated in the book. Based on its grammatical usage and context, these words can be spelled separately or as a compound word; ie noun, verb or adverb.

Excessive Spacing, formatting and editing errors???????



Please be advised that the book title above is "temporarily"on hold               for reprinting.     


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