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"Constructive Criticism"

Updated: Mar 17

Last week I mentioned that I received a very opinionated and mean-spirited critique by email of "Hoop's Truth A Novella." The tone was cynical, harsh and condescending. No useful literary suggestions were offered. Only dismissive insults. This prompted me to discuss the topic- "Constructive Criticism." I heard a saying once that said "It takes both the Sun and the rain for a flower to grow." It's important to seek advice from those who can offer valid and helpful suggestions.

Too many authors and writers including myself, have shared our work with novices, those with hidden agendas or family and friends who just didn't understand. To avoid unnecessary grief keep the following in mind:

Seek the advice of a literary professional.

Be sure he or she will evaluate your work fairly.

Is able to offer constructive criticism.

Is supportive; yet challenges you to take risks.

In response to the "Real Housewives of Atlanta/Tyler Perry" comment, several characters in "Hoop's Truth both men and women are multicultural. There are many readers who appreciate the colloquialism rooted within my style of writing. Perhaps YOU didn't or couldn't get it and- that's perfectly fine.

Not everyone loves the antics of The Real Housewives of Atlanta or the over-the-top melodrama of Tyler Perry's Madea; but at seventeen, Nikhil Goyal expressed it best when he published "One Size Does Not Fit All." I am thankful that readers were able to relate to my characters. Being relatable is how authors attract their audiences P E R I O D d o t ! Remember there's an audience and a seat for everyone. Ask Tyler Perry?

(Disclaimer: a second edition of "Hoop's Truth A Novella" is currently being republished. Only the book's summary and overview will be shared on this site for the benefit and enjoyment of new readers.)



Please be advised that the book title above is "temporarily"on hold               for reprinting.     


In the meantime, please enjoy my blog pages that are filled with interesting content, articles, updates and more.   

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