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Alliteration: Sassy Sonia Sanchez!

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

I chose to revisit the works of one of the greats who've inspired me. Women who dared to showcase our culture, pain and truth as it is. Some of them lived to see their work celebrated as literature. While the work of others was shamed and thwarted by their own kind. After their deaths, it took years for their work to be celebrated as literature.

Later today, I'll share a comment that used the following references in their critique of "Hoop's Truth A Novella" (before the disclosure of the Archway Publishing from Simon and Schuster Code of Standards, Formatting, Editing, Printing, Ethics and reprinting matter):

Author Zane, Television, Film and Studio Mogul, Tyler Perry, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, xanax and adderrall. They also questioned a narrator's omniscience and why I chose to leave some unknowns in the stories? Those who have a copy of the book know there are Book Club Discussion Questions & Connections listed on page 95. Please email your questions and comments to the email address provided through my website. Please be advised that any inappropriate comment will be deleted and the sender will be blocked. The example of the comment above borders on inappropriateness based on the entire email. The tone of the email was cynical, misinformed and quite frankly silly. This is a perfect time to educate. Have a great day everyone! Write with you later!!!

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