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Accountability: This is not how my stories end!

I developed the ideas and characters in a few stories featured in "Hoop's Truth A Novella in 2004. Stories like Karaoke Kray Kray and Baby Love had different names. Kitchen Talk could only be named Kitchen Talk and was conceptualized in 2001. Although the stories and characters are fictional, a part of me is somewhere within a line, hyperbole, conflict, poetic or vivid image. That's why I am taking accountability and getting in front of this "Thing" that does not represent my vision, writing, story, education, repertoire, diligence or work ethic.

Unfortunately, I like other independent authors have conducted business with Archway Publishing from Simon and Schuster. This publishing company did not render: qualit

y editing, formatting, transparency, design, coaching, marketing, software, website and communication. Therefore, the reprinting of "Hoop's Truth A Novella" is forthcoming.

My first book, "And Mother Used to Say Words to Live By that "Ain't Never Lied" did well through an online self publishing bookseller and is shelved in the Schomburg Public Library in New York. What I learned from publishing the first time was that I could.

Therefore, this hiccup will not stop my second "little engine that could book." "Hoop's Truth A Novella will also serve as a catalyst for my non-profit initiative for Autistic Students attending Title 1 public schools.

Regarding Archway Publishing, I can not share details. However, I can share comments and links from others. I will also post a few excerpts from my manuscript as well as dated editing requests.

Please accept my sincere apologies. I will keep you updated through all of my social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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