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Absolutely Positive!

While you telework, while you drive, while you teach from home, while you sew, create or order masks online, while you put on or throw away gloves, while you watch parents try to decipher 7th grade Common Core math, while you download or stream music, while you view podcasts, while you cook, while you read books, while you watch school systems close for the year, while some school systems both public and private thrive, while you now teach your child at home, while you've learned that your school district was unprepared and had never implemented distance learning into their curriculum and the biology lesson used on the chrome tablets distributed was not created by your child's 's teacher, while you clean, while you Zoom with your sorority sisters and fraternity brothers, while you share church videos with family members, while you listen to D-Nice on Instagram, while you SAVE LIVE IN HOSPITALS, WHILE YOU PROTECT US IN CITIES ACROSS AMERICA, while you ride buses or subways to work, while you scratch your head because you're out of work, while you block or decline your pesky ex boyfriends, girlfriends or sides, while you watch your furloughed neighbor do some Donkey of the Day S$% on the roof of their house or apartment, while you wonder what Sarah Sanders is doing, while wonder when that stimulus check is gonna stimulate your bank account , while you wonder if the conspiracies are true, while you wish the new season of Power was on, while you really wonder why a chain free COVID-19 has disproportionately killed Blacks in urban communities across America and while you wish that all of this would be over in the morning please

remain positive.

I'm starting by making positivity contagious!

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