Meet the author

(I want readers to embrace tender memories and lessons learned from that special person they’ve lost. My book is that and more.)

- Gloria  Lynn Howe

  Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Ms. Howe is best known for her first book, “And Mother Used to Say..Words to Live By that “Ain’t never Lied ,” a compilation of common sense  language and words of wisdom spoken by grandmothers and aunties from generations of old.


  Ms. Howe is an alumna of Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, the nation's oldest HBCU. She received a Master’s Degree at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, New York in secondary education specializing in English Language Arts. She is a former educator and print journalist.


  Ms. Howe is also a proud and active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated. For bookings visit,, or follow social media content on Instagram and Twitter @Gloria Howe and on Facebook at Gloria Lynn Howe #And Mother Used To Say.

  Ms. Howe taught secondary Science in the South Bronx for New York Department of Education and secondary English Language Arts for the Mount Vernon City School District in Westchester County, New York. Ms. Howe is also an actress and has performed in stage performances, film and television in New York and Los Angeles, California. Her showcase of sayings are akin to those taught by mothers from the depths of the south to New York City.

And Mother Used to Say

Sayings such as "A hard head makes a soft behind," as in learn the lesson the first time around before you fall on your a$@ the second go round, will encapsulate audiences into the rocking chairs and bosoms of their loved ones.